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Lord Rama

Lord rama is enchanting to everyone.It is so mesmerizing that still people in India and all over world enact pastimes of Lord Rama.In India specially Lord Rama is considered god and is very popular.Still there many places of his pastimes exist in India.
The pastimes of lord rama will remain eternally on this earth. Lord rama is most worshipable lord in India because he is called maryada purshottama.Maryada means following the religious principle.Till the lord remained on this earth,he followed all the religious principle made by the lord himself.

Top Wallpaper Number 10

He presented himself as ideal.He showed how men should fulfill all his duty.In this hub I will present top 10 wallpapers of lord rama and in betweeen tell you about some unknown stories from Ramayan,the epic containing the pastimes of lord.
Lord Rama With Sita And Laxman

Top Wallpaper Number 9


Lord Rama is incarnation of Supreme lord sri krsna or visnu. As said in Srimad bhagvad gita as it that lord krsna says that when there is decline of religion and increase of sins then to protect the devotee and kill the demons I come. Therefore lord rama came mainly to play his pastime on this earth so that his devotee could experience transcendental bliss by seeing and hearing his pastimes on earth eternally
Bhagvad gita as it is chapter 4 verse 7
yadä yadä hi dharmasya
glänir bhavati bhärata
abhyutthänam adharmasya
tadätmänaà såjämy aham
Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice,O' descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion—at that time I descend Myself.
(taken from Srimad Bhagvad Gita As It Is by A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad )

Top Wallpaper Number 8

iskcon lima

During exile of Lord Rama,Ravana came as Brahman to abduct srimati sita Devi. At that time actual Srimati Sita devi was kept in the care of demigod Agni dev(fire god) and illusionary sita devi become present before Demon Ravana. As srimati sita Devi is lord rama eternal consort, therefore no one can touch her except lord sri rama.All this was the plan of lord.

Top Wallpaper Number 7

iskcon Ahemdabad

Another interesting fact is that demon Ravana and his elder brother Kumbkaran are actually the gate keeper of outer gate in vakuntha planet.Vakuntha is the eternal place where eternal lord Vishnu lives with his consort Srimati laxmi devi and his devotees.There name in vakuntha are jaya and vijaya respectively. There are seven gates in vakuntha and they both gaurd outer 7th gate.

Top Wallpaper Number 6

When the sons of lord brahma,the four kumaras came to take the darsan(first view) of lord Vishnu in vakuntha.Jaya and vijaya stopped them thinking them as small child.Four kumaras are the sons of lord brahma and they are very old but looks only as 5 year old boy.

Top Wallpaper Number 5

They said to them that lord is presently taking rest, you can’t go inside. Hearing this,four kumaras became very angry and said that how dare you try to stop us. We have come here to take lord's darshan.We give you curse that you have to take birth as asura or demon on the earth planet.

Top Wallpaper Number 4

iskcon spain

Hence they came as demon on earth,first time as hiranyaksa and hiranyakasipu.Second time as Ravana and his elder brother kumbakaran and third time as sishupal and dantavakra.When Lord rama killed Ravana and kumnkaran,the soul of both entered in the Lord’s body and they attained liberation.

Top Wallpaper Number 3

iskcon juhu

There is another interesting story from ramayan.Once Ravana,kumbhkaran and vibhishan did severe tapasya(austerity) to please Lord Brahma and get benediction from him.Lord brahma became very happy with all of them and ask for any benediction.

Top Wallpaper Number 2

iskcon delhi

Ravana asked that I should not be killed with any demon,animal or demigod.He doesn’t included human in the benediction because he cosidered human as very low category.Younger brother vibhisan asked for unalloyed devotion of the lord vishnu and his darshan(first view).

Top Wallpaper Number 1


Kumbhkaran thought the benediction to take seat of demigod Indra. Kumbhakaran was very powerful and already oppressing poor people and sages. Therefore demigods and people are fearing that if he will get the benediction then he will become more powerful.
Therfore indra requested goddess saraswati to sit on kumkaran tounge.Therefore when kumbhkaran turn came to ask for benedicition from lord brahma.Goddess saraswati sat on his tounge.At that time instead of asking of above benediction from lord brahma,he asked to sleep for long time.
Lord Brahma said tathas tu(same will happen)However when he came to senses,he regretted for it and asked to change the benediction ,lord brahma said what I have said can’t be changed but you can get up for one day from 6 month sleep.

Ramnavami Celebration

Just recently,people in india celebrated Lord Rama birthday.Lord Rama birthday is called ram navami in India.In other parts of the world,it is celebrated with different name.It mainly comes in February or March month of every year.

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