8 Types Of Marriage You Never Heard Before

Marriages are the most beautiful thing as it involve the divine arrangement .It is auspicious for both family. It gives a chance to girl to have qualified husband to protect her. In ancient times, there was ideal standard of marriage that has lost in present time. These marriage that here discussed is not heard by you before.There were 8 type of marriage in olden time.

1.Royal order of marriage-In this marriage,bridegroom is given in charity to highly scholarly Brahman by father who has daughter. Along with it, gold and other costly item are given by bridegroom party. This considered to be most pious.

2. Brahman marriage-Here  Brahman boy is married to same Brahman girl or Kshatriya girl. Brahman can marry lower caste girl but girl is not allowed to marry higher caste.

3. Arrange marriage-In vedic times, elders member from male and female side and meet and arrange a marriage. Here parents of son or daughter arrange the marriage.

4.Gandharva Marriage-It is marriage in which both women and man love each other and marry without asking their parent approval.

5. Rakasha marriage-In this style of marriage, If any king likes any girl and girl likes king also so king kidnap the girl. It usually used to happen when girl side is not ready to marry their daughter to desired king. Supreme lord krsna kidnapped Rukhmani devi from her kingdom and married with her. However in this, Shri Rukhmani loved supreme Lord Krsna.

6. Pisacha or Witch Marriage-In this marriage, men seduces the girl while sleeping or drank alcohol by some hypnotism or girl is not mentally sound.

7.In arsha Marriage-In this marriage, girl father accept a cow and bull from the bridegroom and in place of it give his daughter in marriage to the party who has given bull and cow.

8.In Asura marriage-Here bridegroom family give as much wealth to th bride party. In this case bridegroom doesn’t have required qualification. Thus it is like buying bridegroom party by money.

Nowadays these marriage types are not applicable.It is not possible.We strictly should nor try to imitate any of the type,it will only create disturbance in the society.

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