How To Cure Insomnia Without Pills In Adults 2015

Good sleep in this age is like a dream. Every second person in this earth is struggling with sleep. It has now taken a form of disease. If you have good sleep then your whole day will be fine,your mind will remain calm and able to focus on the work. You will feel happiness in your heart. Your digestion and body health will be fine.

Reason of Not Getting Good Sleep Or Insomnia

1. Due to current life style where people have no time. They have to get up early and return from their work late in night. Sometimes  they also get call for work  between night.

2.Due to our job style ,we have to do our work by sitting in one place. It can stretch from 6 hours to 10 or 12 hours. Other time, if we want to go some place, we use vehicles like car. Therefore there is very little physical exercise or movement of the body.

3. Not getting good sleep can also be hereditary. If someone in your family has this problem then chances are that you may also get it.

4.You should have fixed time of sleeping late in night, if you go early to sleep then won’t get sleep.

5.It is common now  that due to stress in bedtime, we can’t get good sleep.In bedtime only we get time and begin to think number of things rather focus on sleeping.

How to get good sleep only in 7 days

1. Exercise or  physical work- Most important tips for getting good sleep or free from insomnia is exercise. Currently we have our job schedule is like the we have to work by sitting in one place. So there is no body movement. To make up for that you should exercise daily in morning in garden or gym. If there is garden near your house, running is the best exercise because it involves the movement of all parts of body.Run or exercise till you feel tired,this way blood will reach to all parts of body and you will feel rejuvenated.For better result do some muscle and leg exercises too.

Just by this act you will sleep early and get good sleep. Thus you will feel fresh in morning. You digestion will be strong.

2. Yoga exercises for good sleep-Yoga exercises are best for sleeping remedies. In yoga there are different exercises or postures by which you will be free from sleep disorder and stress.

2.You can help your spouse in her day to day work,thus there will be some exercise in home.If you have to buy some grocery from nearby market better to go by walk rather than driving. This way you will be fit and there will be some physical exercise also.

3.Go to bed at fixed time-Make your habit to go to bed early and fixed time in night. If you start this process from now then after some days you will automatically begin to feel sleepy at a fixed time of your sleep.

                                Video Showing yoga exercise to help in good sleep

4. If you have habit of napping in the afternoon then leave it. It is not good for the body. It spoil your digestion and increases the decaying of cells in the body .Thus decreases your age. If you can’t able to sleep in night for fixed 6 or 8 hours then you can sleep for 1 hour in afternoon.

5. If you feel sleepy after afternoon lunch then you can nap for 5 minutes.

6. Always keep  your bedding room clean  including your bed sheet and pillow and covers. Thus when you will go for sleeping, automatically you will feel happy by seeing cleanliness around and it is very important for good sleep.

7. Alcohol and ciggrate should be avoided in night and if possible in life also. By drinking at a night time, you will feel sleepy for some time but that will be for only few hours. By this our natural way of sleeping begin to diminish and you become depend on alcohol for sleeping.

Food that help in getting sleep


Milk-Milk for very long is considered  the item that is taken in night.People in  India usually drink milk in night because it nourishes all parts of body when your body is in rest in night.It has property that induces melanin hormone for sleeping.It is best for constipation relief too.

Honey has sweet property that helps in bringing sleep. It is generally should be taken in night.

Rice-Rice is the best food that helps in getting sleep.If you will eat rice in dinner,then you will feel sleepy. Normally student are asked to not to eat rice in night because by this, they will not be able to do late night study. Another interesting fact is that in some part of the India,rice is used to make alcohol.
Brahmi plant

Brahmi-Brahmi is used to increase memory power.It’s oil is best remedy for all hair problem.However it is also helpful in getting you sleep.It balances the agitated mind and induces it to sleep without tension. It should be taken with water or milk during bedtime in night.
Chamomile tea

Chamomile Tea-It increases the secretion of hormone in mind that is main cause for bringing sleep.Many test prove its importance. It should taken by boiling it in warm water.

Aswagandha Herb

Withania somnifera or winter cherry-These are the English name of Aytuvedic herb Aswagandha.It is used in curing many ailment.It calm the mind and induces it to is normally taken in night.

Good body massage-if you make your whole body massage including head with massage oil,then it is very beneficial.As it relaxes you body muscle, senses and mind. It is very helpful in getting free from insomnia.

Jatamanshi-the english name of  is Nardostachys Jatamanshi.It is basically used in curing mind related disease.It calms the anxious mind and nervous system.It pacify the stressed nerves of mind.Thus helps in curing insomnia or sleeping very effectively.

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