Best Foods For Acid Reflux Sufferers 2015-2016

Acidity or Acid Reflux is the term that horrifies you because as it affects you, it becomes very painful and you want to get rid of it immediately.Often It becomes unbearable. It is the thing that usually very common now. It all due to our today’s hectic lifestyle and irregular eating habits.In this hub, I will tell you about acidity like what is acid reflux? its causes and how to cure it naturally.

What is acid reflux or acidity?

Actually when you take meal , acid comes out from stomach which breaks food and various enzymes digest it. When you eat too much food or when your remain empty stomach for long time, too much acid secretion starts, resulting in Acidity.If your food remain undigested then it also creats acidity.

Reason Of Acid Reflux or Acidity.

1.Overeating- It mainly occurs when you over eats. When you see sumptuous, you eat too much resulting in acidity. It also occurs when you eat late night. Consequently , food doesn't digest properly that results in acidity.
2.Eating Oily Food-Eating too much oily eatable like paratha(a wheat flour item), samosa or any oil dish.Oily eatables are very heavy ,therefore after eating very little, you stomach becomes full.

3.Irregular Lifestyle- Irregular lifestyle is another that contributes to acidity. It involves not eating at fixed time. When you eat at fixed time,then it will cures acid reflux automatically.
4. When you does not eat for long time then it also results in acidity.It usually happens that when we feel hunger,we avert eating for some time,so it creates acidity.
5.Alcohol Intake-Taking alcohol after eating meal or empty stomach also creates acidity in stomach.It is most dangerous and main cause of all stomach related problem.Therefore it should be avoided.

6.Work By Sitting In One Place-Now our work is like that we have to by sitting in one place.Software professional,news reporter,office worker and other person have style like this.They walk very less and often use vehicle to go from one place to other.This is the main reason of acidity in today people.

Best Foods For Acid Reflux Sufferers

1.Butter Milk- Best remedy to cure acidity is to drink butter milk. Butter milk has digestive property which removes acidity from its root.Take a glass of butter milk,add little salt and black pepper in it and
drink to cure acidity

2. Mint-From time immemorial, mint has been best ayurvedic medicine to cure all stomach problem.To get rid of acidity,take one glass of mint juice ,add little salt, sugar in it and drink.It will surely free you from acidity.

3. Don’t be empty stomach for long time. After 2-3 hours of getting up , eat your breakfast and normal diet
4. When you get early in the morning, drink 2-3 glass of water.It helps in clearing the stomach and naturally curing acidity.
5.Jaggery- Make your habit of regularly eating jaggery or banana after your meal ,it cures prolonged and normal acidity very effectively.In India,it is very common habit to eat jaggery after lunch or dinner.

6. Coconut Water-In south India when people encounter acidity, they coconut water.Coconut Water is the best remedy to cure acidity.It makes digestion very smooth and cure acidity instantly.

7.Amla- Amla is called king of all medicine in Ayurveda. It cures all stomach problem right from constipation to acidity. A glass juice of amla is also a very effective remedy to free from acidity.

I hope these tips will certainly helps to get rid of acidity. If hub users have some tips, they can post it in comment section of this hub. Your suggestion is most welcome.

Top 10 Remedies For Curing Acidity Video

Below video is short and simple video that gives you description about best 10 remedies to cure acidity.It is some very practical solutions for it.

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