1 Terabyte External Hard Drive Price In India And Its Review

Computer Memory Drains Very Fast

A usual laptop or computer comes with 500 gb or 1TB of memory. In this memory ,we store songs, pictures and video. We continue to store all our music and photos that one day you realize that memory is full and you can’t store any more your favorite songs in it. At this time you must be thinking that there should some way to store your all the stuff. Portable drives are such a device that helps you store your extra material that you don’t want to miss.

Potable hard drive is the best birthday and Christmas gift for all age group. They are important for keeping your birthday,picnic ,wedding and some cherished memory. Therefore they are best birthday gift for kids and teenagers, your boyfriend birthday and many more such occasions. In this hub i will take you through 5 best portable hard disk drive, with their detail and also price.

Portable Hard Disk Drive Benefits

The advantage of portable drives in comparison to computer hard drives is that they are easy to carry. It is comes at affordable price also. Besides that they can be easily connected with laptop. All comes with beautiful user interface software and color which makes your data store very smooth.

Toshiba Canvio 1.0 TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

Until recently we have only Seagate, WD my passport external drives in the market but as use of external hard drive increased more companies came out with portable drives. Toshiba has also come out with one such drive. Toshiba canvio portable drive allows you to transfer your cherished memory at very faster speed.
In comparison to other drive it has best back up option with back up from computer as well as from web(cloud).When it will fall accidently from 1 or 2 feet ,its shock absorber technology protects it from damage. According to the review fro cnet and pctools,it is the best drive with very affordable price.

G-Technology G-DRIVE

If you are Mac user, then you will be very happy to hear that there is portable hard drive dedicated to Mac os. No regret for window user, it can also be used with all window os. It’s beautiful attractive aluminum design looks stylish and modern. it is already preformatted with HFS+ feature which means that as soon as you plug in the drive with your laptop, It is ready to work .No software set up overhead.
With FireWire user interface, you can easily access the features of G drive. Internally the size of drive is 2.5 inch. When tested for read write index, it gave 45 mbps for write and 52 mbps for read which is awesome for any drive.USB 3.0 port features provides faster data transfer.It comes with 3 years warranty which is quite satisfactory.
it comes in big and mini size.Mini size is very attractive and resembles seagate portable drive,You can choose which suits you.

Buffalo Hard Drive

Buffalo is the name of brand from Japan which gives very high performance hard drives. It has USB 3.0 support means faster data transfer. Back-up software of its own provides smooth data transfer functionality. With fine aluminium finish, it looks very sleek. Regarding hardware side, it weighs only 9.3 ounce. It has one data-port that provides is used for data transfer as well as for charging.
The good feature of it is that thunderbolt drive is compatible with all windows os as well Mac os. For using on window os ,you can format it with NTFS. In all test, it has performed very well achieving overall 91 marks out of 100.With 5 years warranty ,you can do all the rugged uses of this drive .

Western digital hard drive


Western is the company that is making hard drive for a long time. They have some best hard drives in their category. Like Seagate it has its smart ware software which helps in backing up your file very easily. WD has their automatic backup software which automatically starts backing up the files as soon as you connect it with your laptop.
Other most exciting feature of this drive is that if you accidently delete any file from the drive then you can easily recover it .For faster data transfer ,it has USB 3.0 technology. If you want to make it password protected then it has password protection feature also. To give you an all storage option, it is available in 500GB to 1TB,2TB and 4TB version. Now enjoy storing lot of your memory. Any drive that comes with 5 years warranty is most popular among tech users and our WD offers 5 years warranty.

Seagate Hard Drive

From a very quite a long time, seagate drives remain good performer in the market because of its sleek design , beautiful look and good performance. It has SATA internal drive in it which measures only 2.5 inches. Weighing only 0.45 pounds, Seagate is available in beautiful colours like blue, red, black colours etc. It has one USB 3.0 port which will connect with any device and provide faster data transfer.
The backup software in it able to back up your all material with ease. NTFS file system provides you the facility to use it with any window os. If you format it with FAT32, then it can also be used in MAC OS and Linux os. Most important it is coming with 5 years warranty which is very big deal. It has all the features that one want in portable hard drive. So why are you waiting just go for it.

Other Leaders Are Also There

There are other good drive also in the market.Some of them are Lacie rugged drive,Freedom,ioSafe hard drive.Among them Lacie has got some good reviews because of its performance.So you can go for it.

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