How To Crack Ibps PO Exam In 3 Months & First Attempt

When India got independence in 1947, number of national banks was established to build the economy. Simultaneously, Personnel selection board was also established which took care of recruitment of bank officer and clerks. Later it became a independent body and named itself as ibps.

From 2011, ibps used to conduct bank exam on the behalf of all the banks. As the all the bank come under it, it became very important exam for all the job aspirant who dream of getting job in banking sector. So in this hub I will give you some important tips to prepare for ibps clerk or po exam.

If you are giving this exam for first time without preparation then give the exam with whatever little preparation you have and see the pattern. See where you are weak and where you are strong.

IBPS Is Now Computer Exam

IBPS is now computer exam. Now IBPS exam is conducted online. So now it is free from papers. It is very easy to check these papers. It is also easy to handle the question in it.

Ibps PO section Wise Cut-Off And Marks

cut-off for score card
cut for bank call

Above cut off list may change each year

How To Crack Ibps PO Exam In 3 Months And First Attempt

It takes nearly 6 or less than 6 month preparation to crack the ibps exam with good is possible to crack it in 3 month also and in first attempt.However it needs determination and smart hard work.Remember that when you will pass the exam, you will receive the report card. Low score person and high score person both receive the report card. So it is not big thing. Important is that you should get enough score so as to get call from leading banks. This score can be more than 160.
There are five sections in ibps po and clerk exam. Numerical aptitude, reasoning, English,General awareness, Computer awareness. If you are new to bank exam then focus on each of them separately.

IBPS quantitative aptitude preparation

For numerical aptitude preparation. Start from the very basic to know the formulas for calculation. For ibps quantitave prepation ,you can see the post ibps quantitative aptitude preparation tips

IBPS Reasoning preparation

For reasoning preparation also refer some good book like r.s.agrawal verbal and non vernal reasoning.This is best book for preparing reasoning section for all the exam whether it is bank ,ssc ,cat ,railway or any other exam.For ibps reasoning preparation see hub named ibps reasoning preparation tips .

IBPS english Preparation

If you are coming from English background then it will very easy for you to prepare English section in ibps. For that practice previous bank exam English section. Initially solve all questions without seeing time and verify answer. After solving 5 or 6 English sections, when you feel confident, start solving section by setting time limit 30 or 20 minutes.
English section in bank exam is highly scoring section. It can help you to get high score in ibps exam. However , it has been also seen that while solving English section, people stuck up in this section and want to solve more question
For aspirant who are from hindi medium till their last exam, Read some basic books to learn English. This will help you a lot in answering grammar and verb related question in ibps exam. Also start reading some English newspaper . While reading , keep pocket dictionary with you and see the meaning of tough word in the dictionary.

IBPS Computer section Preparation

If you are dealing with computer and internet in your day to day life then it is quite easy for you to answer computer related question in ibps exam. If you are very new in computers, then go to computer section in Wikipedia. Read the computer related article 3 to 4 times. If you don’t have access to internet then refer some basic books in computer.
IBPS preparation books usually contains some Introductory text at the start of each chapter.In ibps computer awareness question are usually asked from input ,output devices in computer, storage media, operating system, Microsoft office and security.
Computer awareness section doesn’t take much time. If you know the answer, then you will attempt it otherwise not. Therefore this part will complete fast in exam and save your valuable time which can be utilised in other section.

IBPS General awareness Preparation

General awareness section in ibps is very uncertain section as you don’t know questions they are going to ask .This part can be best prepared by daily reading the newspaper, specially the business part. Most of the questions come from banking field. Other question asked in these section are related to India’s growth rate, repo rate, cash rate by reserve bank of india, noble prize, sports field and bollywood or film industry.

Once you feel comfortable with each section. Start solving previous bank exam. Don’t give attention to time. Initially attempt all the questions .After that verify your answer and see the detail solution. See that how these questions are solved with shortcut tricks. Follow this process until you feel confident. After that slowly increase your limit and try to complete the paper within 2 hrs 30 minutes the time.

At Last

When you attend the real exam, its fear will be there .It will go when you will give 3 or 4 exam like this. As I have told you that after preparing for individual section, start practicing the whole paper with setting time frame. In real exam start attempting the section in which you are comfortable or expert.
Watch this video that show that how to prepare for IBPS Exam

If you are coming from computer background, then this section will be easy for you, therefore attempt it first. If you are coming from English background, then attempt it first. It will give you initial confidence which is utmost important in these type of exam. This initial confidence only will be very helpful for you in attempting other section like reasoning and numerical aptitude.

Some Very Important Tips

Try to finish computer and general awareness section as early possible. As the remaining time can be devoted to reasoning and numerical section. English section too doesn’t require much time, so try to finish it early. It usually happens that person who are comfortable in English go on attempting the question without seeing time. Don’t do it. Attempt as much as required to get high rank in exam.

I have covered all the necessary tips in this article. Hope all ibps aspirant will find it very useful in their exam preparation.

Here a interesting video to know more about cracking IBPS exam

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