JBL Headphones And Philips Shaver for men

The JBL Tempo On-Ear headphones look is non-descript and a bit overly  simplistic. They come in a single shade offering. The cans are all black with a burnt orange JBL logo on either earphone.  The headphones also feature a fold-flat ear cup design for simple storage. This makes travel via the included JBL carrying pouch, quite easy.

The Tempo On-Ear headphones work with any music playback device supporting a standard 3.5mm connector. They are lightweight and fit comfortably. The padding for the headband is small but cushy. When I first donned the Tempo set, they seemed a bit too tight. But they quickly loosened to fit the overwhelming girth of my head. These are on-ear cans, so they may bite into your ears a bit depending on the fit. For me this was a nonissue, as the cushions proved adequate for more than an hour before I felt the need to adjust them.

When in use, I noticed an irritating vibration that rattled the headies a bit when the volume was kicked up to max. The solution? Don’t crank the bass. The sound becomes a bit distorted as well, when the sound is on full tilt. This adds a degree of discomfort over extended use.

Further examining the raw audio quality, I found the bass to be generally impressive. Indeed it kicks! Drum bass and snare sounds are highly notable. Yet overall, bass carries less definition where sound is not as rich as higher end solutions like the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 or the Able Planet PS400. Mid range levels are suitable for the price point and thus unsurprisingly lack “awe”. Clarity comes in spades. Vocals are discernibly crystal. But the push for clarity and lackluster mid range performance renders the sound a bit hollow and tinny.

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