Numerical Aptitude Test Tricks For Entrance Exam

Quantitative aptitude is the section that is normally asked in all the government exams whether it is bank clerk, po, income tax, LIC , SSC, railway or even in IAS exam. Numbers of private companies also takes test of Quantitative ability of student. So from this you can understand that how important the numerical aptitude is today.

Quantitative aptitude in all exam

In bank exam, there happens four section, one of such section is numerical aptitude .Government banks keep this section because they want to test the calculation skill of candidates. After qualifying in bank exam, what you will do in the bank, you will do the same calculation work. If you are skilled, then this section is scoring one and can place you in high rank in ibps exam.
For Numerical ability preparation, start from the basic of maths. The best book for quantitative section preparation is Quantitative aptitude by R.S aggarwal.It teaches you all basics of numerical aptitude. This book is so popular among students and government exam preparation aspirant that everybody recommends only this book for Quantitative aptitude preparation. You can buy it from books market or from online site like Amazon.

Numerical Aptitude Preparation Tips

1. Prepare Basic-Start from the first chapter .Remember the formula and see example questions very carefully in each chapter and then solve them without looking it. Better write formula in each chapter in one page and paste it near your study table. While moving here there or eating, talking just give one glimpse to the pasted page. This way you will able to remember it without difficulty.
2.Improve Calculation Power- Another point is to remember or paste table from 2 to 30.As calculator is not allowed in ibps exam, Most of the candidates’ wastes their time by calculating only. So this table remembrance will save lot of time that can be utilised in other section.
3. Practice More Question-Try to solve as many practice questions in each chapter. Slowly move from one chapter, then second, then third. Don’t jump directly to any new chapter. Because this preparation is only one time investment. Next time you will be able to solve all these questions very easily.
4.Some Chapter Are Very Important- In quantitative aptitude section, chapters like pipes and cistern, time and distance, trains, percentage, average, time and work and profit and loss are very important. As you will see that most of the questions in numerical aptitude are generally asked from these topics only. Still, I recommend you to prepare all the chapters.
5.Some Short Cut Method- When you become bit perfect, try m tyra quicker maths. it contain all the short tricks to calculation. It also contains short tricks related to all topics I have mentioned before in this hub.
6. After that solve numerical aptitude section of sample papers ssc,bank or mba entrance exam etc. It will really increase your numerical skill and give you faith that you can crack this section very easily.
7. Prepare Online Mock Test-As now many exam has become online like bank,railway and other exam.So it is helpful to solve some online mock Quantitative test.It will reduce your fear for real exam. You will able to judge where you are weak and which section taking long time.


Quantitative Aptitude is not tough.Only it requires some practice to master it.Be confident and start preparing for this section in bank.railway,,bba and other exams.

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