Presto 03510 Waffle Maker

            Presto 03510 Waffle Maker Belgian 1350w review


             Waffles as soon as you hear this name, it bring water in your month and  begin to imagine a crispy taste of it. When you begin to make waffles , you make all the preparation, but when results comes out bad,it disappoints you. Presto 03510 Waffle Maker Belgian 1350w has come to give you trouble free waffle making.

               Presto 03510 flipside Belgian maker that gives you fluffy and crisps waffles with no effort. Internally made with iron body which made it very strong.It has four quarters on each flipper which itself divide the waffle. When you put waffle batter in it, its iron body tightly packs the batter inside and prevent batter from coming out. The most important innovative is that feature it has timer and beap with it. Just set the 3 minute timer and maintain it at 1200 watt or 1350 watt. When  waffles are completed, it beaper gives a beap signal for its finish.

                Another overhead that generally one thinks that how to clean it,but Presto 03510 Waffle Maker Belgian 1350w  is easy to clean.It has non sticky plate which prevent any sticking in its surface thus you can clean it very easily.

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Presto 03510 Waffle Maker Belgian 1350w

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Body outside
stainless steel                 
stainless steel exterior
Easy to clean
Non sticky interior
Non sticky interior
Inside plate
Divided in four quarters
Divided in four quarters
Indicator light   



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